Friday, January 14, 2011

Islamic eBook Readers (eAlim EL 1000)

An Islamic eBook/eBook Reader "eAlim" with TFT 7 inch touch 64K color LCD display is the complete Islamic Encyclopedia having Quran translations in 33 foreign languages, a complete Islamic library with more than 30 books including Tafseer Books, Hadeeth Books, History books (Seerah, Qasas-ul-Anbyaa, Hadeeth Qudsi & others), Supplications & other Islamic Books. "eAlim" has 5 full Quran recitations in the beautiful voice of 5 world known recitors, audio/video player and Qibla software.

Product Specifications
:: Operating System Core: Windows CE
:: Processor: 400 MHz
:: On Board OS Storage: Nand Flash 128 MB
:: RAM: 64 MB
:: External Storage: TF Card 2 GB
:: USB Ports: Host: 1 Device: 1
:: Audio: Built in Speaker/ Audio Out
:: Battery: Li-ion 3.7V (1500mA)
:: [Compatible with Nokia BP-4L battery for E90/E71]
:: Dimensions: 18.2cmx11.7cmx1.45cm
:: Weight: 250 g (Including Battery)
:: Battery Life: 3 to 6 hours

Packaging and Accessories:
The Islamic eBook eAlim comes in a beautiful gift box packaging with a stylish sliding leather cover; following are the accessories included:
:: User Manual (Color printed)
:: USB Cable (For PC connectivity and charging from PC)
:: Ear-phone
:: 2GB microSDHC Card
:: AC Charger (Supports both North American and European Electrical Pins, i.e., can be used anywhere)
:: 1 Battery (Replaceable and Rechargeable)

Now Available at Favourite Mall at Price RM 1200/=
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